Our Fees


Starting the auction at a low price with our Basic Listing is almost always the best way to sell Your valuables on eBay. It gets more people interested early and increases the chances of a bidding war down the stretch. Choosing the Premium Listing will prevent the Item from selling for less than You want, but may keep people from bidding at all.

Final Sale Price You Get
$100 $90
$300 $270
$700 $630
$1,000 $900
$3,000 $2,700

Call us cheap, we love it. TT Motors Trader has a sliding scale commission, so the higher an Item sells, the better percentage You receive! For an average Item, You get about 85% of what the Item sells for on eBay. Automobiles, Boats, Motorcycles and RVs have a listing fee of $20 with a flat 10% commission (minimum commission of $50).

Listing Details Basic Listing Premium Listing
Listing Fee FREE! $20 Up Front Fee
Length of Listing 10 Days 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 Days
Digital Photos up to 6 As Many As Needed
Starting Price $49.99 Any Reasonable Price
Special Features Gallery Photo Gallery Photo, 'Buy It Now' Option, Your Choice of Starting Price.

Final Price Our Commission eBay Fees
Less than $200 10% of the Final Sale Price ($20) 5-8%
$200-$500 10% of first $200 ($20) Plus, 10% of the remaining price. 5-8%
Larger than $500 10% of first $200 ($20) Plus, 10% of next $300 ($30) Plus, 10% of next $1500 ($150) Plus 10% of next $3000 ($300) Plus 10% of the remaining Price. 5-8%
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