Buyer must complete the registration form below to start the transaction. TT Motors Trader notifies the Seller, asking for approval.


Once approved, TT Motors Trader sends to the Buyer an eMail Invoice with further transaction instructions.


Buyer sends and confirms the payment with TT Motors Trader, by following the transaction instructions.


Once the payment is received, within 1 (one) Business Days, TT Motors Trader ships the Item to Buyer.


Buyer goes through a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) performed by an TT Motors Trader Technical Inspector.


Buyer has 7 (seven) Days to accept or return the Item.


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* We require ID as proof of Identity and to process the necessary documentation such as Title, Registration/Transfer of the applicable warranty.

Shipping and payment policy

1. You can choose a preferred delivery date or a time frame when You would like the Item be delivered. We usually start the shipping process in 24/48 hours after payment confirmation and will deliver the Item in maximum 5-7 Business Days, depending on the shipping distance.

2. You are required to select a time frame that You need to submit the payment. That can not exceed 1 (one) Business Days from the time You receive the transaction invoice. If You can not comply to this schedule, You must notify our Customer Support Team.

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