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As a first security measurement, all our customers should know that we are offering our services only for Items sold on eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji. However, if a transaction seems suspicious in any way, please contact us before sending any payment.

Note: We will never ask the Buyer to send the payment directly to the Seller. Any e-mail asking You to do so is a scam and should be reported. Always, the destined receiver of the funds should be TT Motors Trader.

Here You have an example of how a Payment Invoice should look like
Using our service is very simple and secure, if You follow these simple rules:

  1. Check Your browser, we are HTTPS Secured! Our web site address should look like this: followed by the rest of the link. Any web site different than ours and using our name is a SCAM. Please make sure You are on the right track.
  2. Check Your e-mails! Make sure that the TT Motors Trader e-mail ends in [email protected]. Any e-mail different than that claiming to be from TT Motors Trader, is a SCAM and should be reported.
  3. If You have any doubt about Your transaction, please contact TT Motors Trader Customer Support Team by using the Contact Us form or the live chat. We will be happy to assist You.
  4. Make sure that You have a Transaction ID (#) that can be verified on our web site. Always the Transaction ID (#) can be found in the Payment Invoice, sent by Our Company after the registration process is successfully completed and processed by having Seller's approval. The Transaction ID (#) will allow You to keep track of Your transaction status in real time.


We are a verified Company with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Wildcard Certificate (it can be noticed into the browser that our web site starts with a secure "https:// "). The Company is registered with the Department of State Division of Corporation under the name of TT Motors Trader, Document Number: P20000032239.


TT Motors Trader provides on-line transaction management technology and business exchange services that facilitate and accelerate B2B, B2C and P2P e-Commerce by assuring secure settlement.

TT Motors Trader offers customers the opportunity to integrate transaction management and/or settlement services.

On-line exchange services provided by TT Motors Trader are provided independently and exclusively by Electronic Secure Traffic Solutions ESTS, one of its operating subsidiaries, ESTS is fully licensed and accredited as an exchange Company and is subject to compliance with all applicable exchange regulations, including the USA and Canada Financial and Business Code.

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