Our Selling Process


eBay Motors, a specialty site within eBay, is the World's largest Online--and one of the World's largest offline--Automotive Marketplaces. It is consistently ranked the #1 Automotive site on the Internet by Nielsen / Net Ratings, with more traffic than AutoTrader, MSN and Cars.com combined. eBay Motors has an average of over 12 million visitors every month and more than one million Vehicles have been sold on eBay Motors since April 2000. An Automobile sells on eBay Motors every 60 seconds. And although it is hard to believe, more cars are sold on eBay Motors before 8:00 a.m. each day than an average Car Dealership sells all year!

That goes for Craigslist too. With 41.4 million unique visitors/month, Craigslist is the largest free online market.


What does this mean to You? Simply that Your Car, Boat, RV or other Motor Vehicle will receive much more exposure to potential Buyers on eBay Motors and Craigslist than You would get if You sold it any other way. For example, 75% of all vehicles sold on eBay Motors and Craigslist are to out-of-state Buyers. Each vehicle listed on eBay Motors or Craigslist is seen by an average of 1,200 viewers and receives an average of 8 unique bidders. More bidders means a higher selling price for You!

How Does TT Motors Trader Helps You Sell Your Vehicle on eBay Motors, Craigslist or Kijiji ?

In many States only a licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer can sell a motor vehicle for You, so in select States or Cities we handle registered motor vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, motor homes, aircraft, etc.) differently from other Items that we sell for our Customers.

Our comprehensive motor vehicle listing service gives You a live, professionally-created eBay Motors Auction that will bring interested Buyers to Your listing. You then handle the rest of the transaction as a private vehicle sale.

The TT Motors Trader Motors listing Service includes:

  • An objective assessment of Your vehicle's fair market value
  • Professional photography of Your vehicle, inside and out (typically 30-50 photos)
  • Creation of an eBay or Craigslist listing with a self-running slide show and a detailed description of Your vehicle's features
  • Launch of the Auction on eBay or Craigslist under Your own user ID
  • Payment Collection
  • Professional Shipping

You are responsible for:

  • Setting up an eBay Seller Account or Craigslist account, if You do not already have one
  • Providing an e-mail address and phone number where bidders can contact You
  • Answering questions from prospective Buyers by e-mail or phone

TT Motors Trader Motor Fees

We do not charge a percentage of Your vehicle's selling price. Instead, we charge a flat listing service fee before we photograph Your vehicle. You may pay the fee Visa, MasterCard or in cash. The listing service fee is:

Cars, light trucks, motorcycles and watercraft $600.00 - $900.00
Recreational vehicles and motor homes $800.00 - $1.100.00
Other vehicles Request a quote

eBay fees

eBay Motors charge Insertion Fees when the Auction starts, and Transaction Services Fees only if the Auction ends with a winning bidder. eBay charges these fees directly to the credit card or bank account You place on file with eBay when You establish Your Seller Account.

Items Insertion Fee Transaction Fee
Passenger vehicles, Recreational Vehicles $40 $50
Boats, and most other vehicles $40 $50
Motorcycles $30 $40
Powersports (ATVs, personal watercraft, etc.) $30 $40

If Your vehicle does not sell the first time is listed, eBay allows to be relisted; if it sells the second time, eBay refunds Insertion Fees for the second listing.

Depending on the optional features You select for Your Auction (we can make recommendations for what is best for Your particular vehicle), eBay may also charge one or more of the following fees:

Reserve fee (refunded if vehicle sells) (recommended) 0.1% of reserve price ($5 min, $10 max)
10-day duration (recommended) $8.00
Motors Pro Pack – includes Bold, Border, Highlight, Gallery Featured, and Featured Plus! (requires Feedback Score of 10) $29.95
Highlight $5.00
Bold $4.00
Border $4.00
Buy It Now $1.00

Check out our Large Item Shipping Process below

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Ready to Get Started?

Just bring Your vehicle to the TT Motors Trader Store nearest to You. We will need 20 to 30 minutes with You, and another 30 to 45 minutes to photograph Your vehicle. Your listing will usually be ready to post on eBay or Craigslist under Your account within one business day. Can't bring Your vehicle to our stores? Contact us and we'll pick it up for You through our TT Motors Trader At Home Program.

Remember that Your vehicle will look better and sell faster, if it is clean inside and out, including door and seatback pockets and the trunk. Be sure that all Owner's Manuals and the original dealer window sticker, if You still have it, are in the glove box. Also, bring all of the keys and remotes that You have for the vehicle with You so we can photograph them.

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