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Due to the large number of warehouses and storage facilities we have across USA and Canada all vehicles sold through TT Motors Trader & Consignment are subject to shipping. It is against our Terms & Conditions to have a Buyer collect / pick up or inspect a vehicle which they have ordered. All orders need to be shipped to the Buyer. See Why...


From moving a power boat across the state to hauling an RV across country, TT Motors Trader & Consignment has the equipment, skill, experience and experimented staff to get the job done efficiently and dependably anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

We deliver coast-to-coast

We offer free shipping if item purchased in full through  TT Motors Trader & Consignment. Wether it's a boat or a large RV, we can deliver anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

We’ll still deliver your vehicle anywhere in the U.S., shipping cost of US $1.20/mile. For international shipping, please ask for a quote.


At select locations our warehouses offer full Shipping and Packing Services. TT Motors Trader & Consignment is your headquarters for local and nationwide transporting of: automobiles, watercraft, RVs, motorcycles, heavy equipment & more. From the time we pick up your vehicle until the time we deliver it—we give you the white glove service! We know the value you place on your vehicle.

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Whether you have a 30 ft. boat on a trailer that needs to be brought to our facility or a 40 ft. boat that needs to be pulled from the water and transported to our facility, we can do it all! TT Motors Trader & Consignment has the trucks, trailers, registration and permits to get the job done. TT Motors Trader & Consignment can safely haul, move or transport up to 40 ft. boat with all the proper equipment. We do not transport sailboats.

In addition to our transporting service, we also offer climate-controlled storage and a standard 63-Point-System-Check to all automobiles, watercraft, RVs and motorcycles. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule your transport. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you!


TT Motors Trader & Consignment owns and operates its own enclosed vehicle transporters. Our single and dual car enclosed transporters will keep your vehicle sheltered from the outside elements in any season. Whether it is raining, snowing or sunny, we can carefully transport your motorized item(s) exactly where you need it to be!


TT Motors Trader & Consignment Pick-up & Shipping Division is dedicated to providing tow-away services for RV trailers and cargo trailers including:

  • Travel trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • 5th Wheel
  • Hitch ball
  • Pintle hitch units
  • Single pull and multi-unit shipments
  • Canadian Shipments
  • Regular status updates of your shipments

TT Motors Trader & Consignment personnel and owner/operators have the expertise and experience in recreational vehicle transportation to ensure the safe, timely delivery of your trailer. Our network of terminals and owner/operators gives you the coverage you need across the United States and Canada


Heavy equipment transport services require a transporter with a lot of experience in heavy haul. Unlike shipping standard LTL and FTL freight, heavy equipment transport requires special handling, oversize load permits, and special freight carriers. Additionally, heavy equipment shipping needs cartain specialized trailers in order to haul certain equipment items. These tractors, forklifts, and backhoes are big purchases, and you want to be sure they safely arrive. There are things you can do to make sure your heavy equipment shipment is smoothly and efficiently delivered. Find the right heavy haul specialist, make sure you have the right heavy equipment freight insurance, and choose the best trucking options for transporting your equipment.

Whether your transporting industrial machinery, factory machinery, conveyors, generators, and more, we can provide you with quality machinery transport and delivery.

Most equipment will need to be shipped on a flatbed or standard trailer, though in some cases it may be able to be towed. For larger or non-moving equipment, you will likely require a specialized trailer such as a step deck or a double drop deck. For international shipments, you can use a roll-on/roll-off service, or a flat-rack container.

Types of Heavy Equipment we can ship:

  •     Commercial Equipment
  •     Industrial Equipment
  •     Aggregate Equipment
  •     Batch Equipment
  •     Construction Equipment



Upon arrival to the storage area, Items are being verified by TT Motors Trader Technical Inspection Team for clear title, quality, size, psychical condition (damages, scratches, dents, rust, etc.). We have developed a very simple and effective way in giving peace of mind needed on the Internet transactions. You may wonder how we manage that and it may even sound too good to be true, but it's because TT Motors Trader provides the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program, only for Items sold via eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji that are already stored into Our warehouses.

In order to minimize the chances of failed transactions when it comes to the Items sold through TT Motors Trader, our staff compares Seller's description with the actual Item which will be into our possession when will be listed. If the listing description is incorrect or does not correspond with our Technical Inspection Document made upon arrival at the store, the Seller is instructed to re-list the Item with the correct description. That makes us different and lets us give Buyers confidence they will get the Item they want.


The 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program gives Buyers the confidence they will get the Item they are paying for.


We usually ship with our own forwarding services within a range of 1,000 Miles away from Item's storage area. According to TT Motors Trader selling policy, when using our own forwarding services, shipping fees are Seller's liability and will be deducted from the selling price.

  • We offer professional shipping and handling for large Items including Vehicles, Powersports, RVs, Heavy Equipment, etc.
  • Our shipping services may vary. We can ship by air, sea or land.
  • During shipping, all Items are insured against damage, loss, theft, etc..


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