Why US

Why US

TT Motors Trader works with Companies and fleet managers of all sizes to sell their Items. Our consignment service saves You time and money. Our value to You is a simple yet powerful proposition: let us save You time, get You more money for Your Item, and reduce Your risk of selling online.

The Services

We live in a changing, reshaping and freshly emerging world. Global connections, unimagined a few years ago, have become common. Communications, online commerce, work and daily lives have quickened pace, connected us to new "friends" and increased consumer demand for service and specialized expertise. Plus, millions of people are working for themselves running small businesses that need e-commerce marketing and back office support.

Why should Buyers use TT Motors Trader?

Low Prices

Buyers that shop at TT Motors Trader are able to find attractive Items at prices that are typically 15-25% less than they would pay at a traditional retail/dealer outlets. All the Items sold through TT Motors Trader are for-sale-by-owner. When buying an Item through TT Motors Trader, You are undertaking a private transaction with the Seller that We facilitate anonymously, safely, and conveniently.

Know What To Expect

With our standard 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program, available for all the Items sold through TT Motors Trader, the Buyers can be sure that the Item advertised will be received exactly as described in the original ad or by the Seller. (1) All Items sold through TT Motors Trader go through a safety inspection before being taken into our custody. According to the TT Motors Trader Privacy Policy, upon arrival in the storage area, Items are verified by the TT Motors Trader Technical Inspection Team for clear title, quality, size, psychical conditions (damages, scratches, dents, rust, etc.).
As a Buyer, our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program gives You the certainty that You will receive the Item You are paying for. For more information on how we protect You, please visit our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee section. (2) When an Item is listed for sale, we compare the original description and pictures with the actual Item. We only allow photos of Items that are listed.


That's right, when we say the price listed is the maximum price You will pay, we mean it. With TT Motors Trader You can negotiate a new price with the Seller. If the purchase price at the time of registration is lower than the original asking price, the Seller must confirm the negotiated price. However, our commission will be deducted from the original asking price, NOT from the final purchase price.

Safe Payment System

Our safe and secure payment service is scam-proof. With all the late scams on Craigslist and Kijiji, involving known payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Cashiers Checks, Western Union or MoneyGram, no transaction is safe, and even Sellers are exposed to scams. Our payment system is 100% reliable and We do not accept any of the payment methods specified above on Craigslist and Kijiji. The payment goes through our system and will be verified and held into a trusted account until the Buyer receives and approves the Item. This eliminates stolen Credit Cards, PayPal accounts, fake Nigerian checks, etc. Read our "Spoof Protection" page for more information about the above mentioned scams.

Free Service

The process is FREE for Buyers. All fees associated with the transaction are Seller's responsibility and will be deducted from the sale price, at the end of the transaction. There are no hidden fees.

Why should Sellers use TT Motors Trader?


You work with us only. No dealing with strangers, no missed appointments, no uncomfortable face-to-face negotiations with the Buyer. It’s safe, and easy.

It used to be that when a Seller made the decision to sell his Item, to have two choices:
(1) Sell the Item to a dealer, which can be convenient but often results in a price that is 15-25% less than the private party value;
(2) Take on the time consuming challenge of selling it on Your own.
TT Motors Trader offers a third option – a physical marketplace that helps Sellers get more money for their Items without the traditional hassles and risk of transacting in the private market.

Low Fees

(1) We take an up front fee of $199, which covers the work we do to prepare and market Your Item for sale, including a thorough visual inspection, state safety inspection, basic interior and exterior cleaning, an Item history report and professional photographs.
(2) If Your Item needs a full detail, we can take care of that for You for an additional $120.
(3) You benefit of all Our services for a commission of only 6% from the selling price and We include free shipping services for Buyers, up to 1,000 Miles.
Our incentives are completely aligned: If we don’t sell Your Item, we don’t get paid a success fee.

Sell comfortable

Sell Your Items from the comfort of Your own home. We know that time costs money and we value time. Let us do the selling and send You a check in the mail after the sale is complete.

(1) Avoid answering phone calls at all hours.
(2) Avoid having to find time in Your busy schedule to show the vehicle.
(3) Avoid strangers breaching Your privacy by visiting Your home.
(4) Avoid diminishing the enjoyment of Your time off work, weekends and holidays because of having to wait near the phone for prospects to call.
(5) Avoid the inconvenience and frustration of rearranging Your schedule for prospects who say they are "coming right over," and then never show up.
(6) Avoid having to leave Your valued possession on the side of a highway, or in a store parking lot with a "For Sale" sign on Your windshield, only to experience the inconvenience and expense of having Your Item ticketed and towed for illegal parking.

100% Payment Guaranteed

Sellers can be 100% sure that they receive real money in exchange for their Items.

No Sale, No Charge

We charge Sellers only after the Item is sold, no sale-no charge. We can even help re-listing unsold or returned Items, until are sold.

Before Selling Your Item, Get the most of It

Our goal is to get You the highest possible price for what You sell! We work to present Your Item in the best possible way in our listings. Here are some tips:


Original packaging, manuals, instructions, receipts, appraisals, accessories -- anything at all that You still have that came with the Item -- is almost always helpful in bringing up the final price. This is especially important for designer and premium branded Items. Before You bring Your Item in, take a few minutes to find all the related materials You can. We must ask for authentication for designer brand Items to protect Buyers and meet eBay, Amazon and other online marketplace rules and regulations.

Flaws and Defects

Most of the Items sold on eBay are used and Buyers expect them to have some flaws and defects; but they must be disclosed in the listing! In fact, many Buyers are wary of purchasing "perfect" Items which are not new. If You know of any flaw or defect in Your Item, tell us when You check in. If You do not, chances are we may reject the listing or we both will end up with a return from the Buyer, resulting in a non-sale for You.

Make It Shine

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a few minutes before You bring in Your Item to clean it up and really make it shine!

Item Limitations

First, all Items that we accept for sale must be legal for sale and conform to eBay rules (no counterfeits, hazardous materials, etc.). Please click here to see the full list of eBay's restricted Items for details and here to see the Craigslist prohibited Items. To prevent the sale of stolen goods, we require that You present a driver's license or other government-issued photo ID when dropping off Your Items. We will mail Your check only to the address on Your identification. We run a full history report of all types of vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. This verification is just a security measure, we do not release any of the information mentioned above to Buyers according to our Terms of Use.

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